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Our All in One Nutrition and Dietetics Product

NutriPro offers specialized nutrition software designed to empower professionals in offering comprehensive support to their clients anywhere and anytime!

Explore the various functionalities of NutriPro as outlined below:

Combine all your needs in one place.
Access your daily schedule from appointments to client’s birthdays.
Communicate with your clients.
View your notifications.
View your monthly statistics (active clients, appointments and visits).
Add appointments and events to your calendar.
Select your preferred color code for each event and appointment type.
Determine automatically events and appointments duration depending on your preferences.
Let your clients know your time availability at each of your clinics.
Receive appointment requests from clients through your external appointment booking link.
Add your client information with just a few clicks using NutriPro’s user friendly wizard.
Manage your client’s information anywhere and anytime.
Manage your income and expenses easily.
Access your accounting reports using specific filters like date range, clients or workplace.
Create your billing templates.
Grant access to your assistants.
Determine their specific privileges, depending on their tasks.
Incorporate your different workplaces.
Access your clients’ information and appointments anywhere you are.
Split your bills and payments depending on your workplaces.
Add your catering menu on a weekly basis.
Give your clients access to the menu using NutriPro mobile app.
Send and receive private messages for a better dietitian-client relationship.
Receive reminders prior to your appointments.
Receive messages notifications.
Get alerted for appointment requests.
Know when your clients confirm or cancel upcoming appointments.
Access appointments and accounting reports.
Apply filters by date and time, appointment type, client name.
Save in different formats and printout too.
Send bulk notifications to your clients in one click only.
Add your personal information.
Select clients and assistants’ privileges.
View your logs, also your assistants and clients’ logs.
Explore food groups and food items listed in Krause's Food & the Nutrition Care Process.
Add and edit any food group or item of your choice.
Get automatic calculation of macronutrients (carbohydrates, protein and fat).
Make your own meal plan templates with automatic calculations of macronutrients (carbohydrates, protein and fat) and calories. Or, drag and drop downloadable meal plans for your clients.
Add and edit meal plan templates in future consultations.
Drag and drop recommendation templates.
Create your own bills templates for smoother billing procedures.
Check your subscription invoices.
View or update your subscribed plan.
Receive online payments from your clients using PayPal and/or Stripe.
Utilize Zoom integration for your online consultation.

Ditch the Papers, Go Digital

Save nature and use our free mobile app for you and your clients.

Dietitians and Nutritionists

Calendar access
Client information access


Meal plan access
Measurements and body composition
Appointments access
Daily activity and information log
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Why NutriPro?

Save time and nature. Use NutriPro for a full, user-friendly experience.

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