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Our All in One Nutrition and Dietetics Product

NutriPro is an intelligent software adapted to offer professionals a complete consulting experience in less time and more achievements.

NutriPro offers a nutrition software for specialists and a mobile application for clients.
NutriPro covers nutrition and dietetics clinics, hospitals, online consulting, wellness centers and fitness centers.
Support your clients, anywhere and anytime.
Stop using different platforms for your business.
Get everything in one place.
Combined are all the needs in one place. User friendly steps to access Nutritionists and Dietitians businesses; plus, clients' medical files.
Add appointments and events to your calendar.
Different events and appointment types are color coded.
Duration of events and appointments is automatically calculated depending on your preferences.
Receive appointment requests from clients through your external appointment booking link.
You can clearly add your client information throughout a user friendly wizard.
View, add or remove information anywhere and anytime.
Manage your income and expenses easily.
View your accounting reports using specific filters (from date to date, specific clients, specific workplace).
Create your billing templates.
Add your assistants.
Choose their specific privileges, depending on their tasks at the clinic/center.
Add your different workplaces.
Access your clients information and appointments anywhere you are.
Split your bills and payments depending on your workplaces.
Add your catering menu on a weekly basis.
Clients can access the menu using NutriPro mobile app.
Send and receive private messages for a better dietitian-client relationship.
Reminders prior to your appointments.
Messages notifications.
Appointments requests notifications.
Clients' confirmation/denial of upcoming appointments.
Appointments and Accounting reports.
Filters by date and time, appointment type, client name.
Save in different forms and printout too.
Send bulk notifications to your clients in one click only.
Add your personal information.
Choose clients and assistants privileges.
View your logs, plus you assistants and clients logs.
Our exchange list includes all the food groups and food items listed in Krause's Food & the Nutrition Care Process.
Add and edit any food group or item of your choice.
Carbohydrates, Protein and Fat are automatically calculated.
Prepare your own meal plan templates (automatic carbohydrates, proteins, fat and calories calculation). Or, drag and drop a meal plan template of your own.
Add and edit meal plan templates in future consultations.
Drag and drop recommendation templates for future consultations.
Prepare your own bills templates for an easier billing process.
View your invoices.
View/change your subscribed plan.
NutriPro is integrated with PayPal and Stripe for money transfer.
For online consulting, NutriPro is integrated with Zoom.

Ditch the Papers, Go Digital

Save nature and use our free mobile app for you and your clients.

Dietitians and Nutritionists

Calendar access
Client information access


Meal plan access
Measurements and body composition
Appointments access
Daily activity and information log
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